The Right Warehouse Equipment Can Give Better Efficiency

It is common knowledge that an efficiently run business will attract more customers and in the long run generate more profit. In warehouses having the right equipment will help improve the efficiency of workers which in turn will impress customers and raise the reputation of the company.

It is up to the warehouse managers to evaluate and decide what equipment would be beneficial to the company and then implement strategies to bring this in. Below is a guide to help demonstrate what impact and benefits equipment can have.

Technology can revolutionize the running of a warehouse so investing in some new computer equipment could be of a great benefit. A computerized warehouse management system (WMS) or an ERP system can be a great place to start. It will evaluate the warehouse and then suggest the best routes and methods for picking or put-away. In addition, the system provides automated pick lists that can be sent to mobile readers.

Accessing and transporting products is a key factor in being able to process orders quickly. Shelves and storage units can be strategically placed to allow easy routes to products. Order picking stackers, can be used as order pickers and for putting load units into and out of stock. Having bins and middle height shelves for popular products will cut picking and locating times. Stacking shelves is a great way of optimizing space and placing more obscure less request products high will leave you more space at easier to reach height for common products. If space is tight then a narrow aisle truck is ideal to squeeze down and pick up what is needed. Fork lift trucks come in all shapes and sizes and can reach to highest of heights and deal with the lowest of levels and are a necessary bit of kit to ensure smooth running of the warehouse. When a lift is needed for a short period of time it is best to contact a forklift rental company and utilize there fleet of equipment. Many times you can find a lift that will work great temporarily in your operation and fit within your warehouse budget. Although at a high outlay it is usually more economical to purchase equipment rather than rent it.

Once the products are out of their shelves then it is important to package and protect them correctly. If they become damaged then the company reputation becomes damaged so it is important to keep them secure. Shrink wrap is ideal for this situation and in order to wrap a product more quickly the use of a shrink wrap machine is a handy cheat. To help out packers having set size boxes, tape dispensers and shipping labels will get orders out quicker.

Before leaving the warehouse the last procedure is to weigh the products before leaving. This can be a timely process but introducing scales into the floor of the docking stations will turn it into a smoother procedure and entire pallets can be weighed and moved at once.

There are lots of different types of equipment that can transform your warehouse into a more efficient workplace. Research is key to finding what works for you and how to implement equipment into the warehouse.